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2022-03-10 08:53

Plate (material) is to make the size of a standard flat rectangular building material plate, used in construction industry, as part of the wall, ceiling or floor. Also, rolling or forging, casting and sheet metal.

Divided into sheet, plate, plate, plate, usually by the standard size, flat rectangular building materials plate

Plank product appearance is flat, broad than the big, the surface area of unit volume is big, has its characteristic shape features: (1) the use of large surface area, so the tolerance coverage, in the chemical industry, container, building, metal products, metal structure, etc., are widely used. (2) can be arbitrary cutting, bending, stamping, welding, made from a variety of products, components, easy to use, such as automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding and tractor manufacturing industry occupies an extremely important position; (3) can be bending, welding into various large steel, steel pipes, beams, channels, such as structure, so it is called the "universal".

Production of points

(1) plank is with flat roll, so change to produce products specification is easy, adjust the operating process is easy to realize automatic computer control and accuracy of the production.

(2) the plate shape is simple, can be born into volume production, and in the national current capacity, the biggest reason must be functional enough to realize high production speed.

(3) because of the generous five lines of large surface area, so the production use rolling pressure is very big, but each year millions to tens of millions of Newton, so big of the rolling mill equipment, so the product, so thick size accuracy and surface quality of plate form and control have become very difficult and complicated.


Sheet 1, sex is the earliest carpentry with real wood, used for making furniture or other living facilities, etc., in the development of science and technology on the other plate on definition is Schiller, in furniture manufacturing, construction, processing sheet metal workers have written material.

2, usually mv standard size flat rectangular plate fees, building materials, with the ceiling or board member.

3, thick blank board.

4, the bright, rolling metal plate or casting monster.


Plates are: solid wood, big core board, bamboo makeup, veneer, density board, fine core board, and refers to the joint board, melamine board, waterproof board, cement, gypsum board, lacquer board, particle board, etc.


1. Plank product appearance is flat, broad is bigger, the product surface area of the body is very big.

2. Can be arbitrary clipping, no problem, stamping, welding, made from a variety of product components, the use of flexible benefits.

3. No problem, welding into all kinds of complex section steel, steel pipe, steel, tank steel, such as a large industrial word structure.

City fighting common wall plate according to the material is roughly divided into concrete classes, private car s soil type, gypsum, composite.